The Pixel Lightbox Society: An Experience in Pixels & Light by Barbara Rowel (May 2013)

Dodi Tabbaa's latest exhibition uses the geometry of pixels, to create a luminous exhibition of prints that glow with almost neon shades of energy and enhanced color lighting up each square, giving each an individual burst of an aura-like beam.

Revisiting her exploration with pop art, Tabbaa takes her work to a new level of by referencing digital pixels, LED lighting and high definition effects . Dodi admits influence from Japanese video games, especially from the artist Keiji Inafune, but there are other references as well, to the classic colour theorists and op and mininalist artists of the 20th century such as Josef Albers, Dan Flavin or Victor Vasareley.

Dodi explores the effects of perception though the illusion of movement across space and the interaction of adjacent colours, in some works imagining additional environments through over-stamping, where fish swim in pixilated seas with dappled light, or birds shelter in an oasis in the desert.

The effects of modulation and tonal variation across the geometric forms are vibrant, colourful and enhanced by the inference of light from within.

Barbara Rowel

Jacaranda Gallery