Kathy Sullivan on Dodi's new work (May 2007)


An Appreciation of Dodi’s New Work


The subject matter of this new work comes as no surprise to Dodi’s friends. We know her as an avid film fan (Bollywood, Hollywood and International) and a music collector with an equally inclusive and eclectic taste. We have all benefited from her generous enthusiasm in lending out her substantial media collections, opening our eyes and ears to new worlds.

It is a delight to see these shared sources of inspiration turning up in this experimental work that marries Dodi’s recent fascination with digital photography and her mature artist’s mastery of graphic rhythm and color. Knowing her body of work over 25 years, one recognizes Dodi’s signature drumbeats of collage-like composition and her daring confidence (confident daring?) with color —a constant in her previous nature-inspired and completely abstract works.

The pop-culture theme shouldn’t blind viewers to the terrific sophistication of this series. At the same time, as a friend, it was gratifying to see how much pure pleasure Dodi took in selecting her images, listening to the music (you can hear it in her compositions) and making thousands of choices about pattern, size and color. It was fun.

Kathy Sullivan


May 2007